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Thing 1: Hardware news

Thing 2: Software news

Thing 3: Other news

Thing 4: Android 4.0.4 and the Nexus saga

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Thing 1: Samsung Galaxy S III rumors, leaks, and nonsense

Thing 2: ICS updates; and lack of them

Thing 3: New phone reviews

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We're back for our first sit-down since Mobile World Congress. Phil, Jerry, Mickey, Alex and Cory wrap up Barcelona, welcome in (or not) Google Play, and talk a whole bunch about privacy and security. Join us!

Thing 1: Anything more from Mobile World Congress?

Thing 2: So long Android Market, hello Google Play

Thing 3: Photos and the privacy inqusition

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Phil, Dan, Alex, and Simon talk Mobile World Congress day one, including Nokia on both Windows Phone and Symbian (biggest. Camera. Phone. Ever.), Galaxy Note 10.1, the return of the Padphone, Huawei, and yet another plethora of Android devices. Listen in! (And send food!)

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Phil, Simon, and Alex leave Dan to prepare for Nokia while they discuss the massive influx of Android Phones already announced -- before the show has even begun! We've got your LG and HTC right here. Listen in! (No video. You don't wanna see the shape we're in.)

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Phil, Simon, and Alex have splashed down in Barcelona and are ready to assault Mobile World Congress 2012, Mobile Nations style, and bring you back absolutely everything Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, (and even iPhone and iPad if they can find it!). Listen in!

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