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Thing 1: 2011 Android Central Awards

Thing 2: A look ahead at 2012

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Hope everybody had a good one!

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Google Currents is finally live, 10 days of 10-cent apps celebrate 10 billion downloads, and we throw a massive Samsung Galaxy Nexus Q&A. Listen in!

Thing 1: Google Currents

Thing 2: 10-cent app extravaganza

Thing 3: Your Samsung Galaxy Nexus questions

  • Lots and lots of questions
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Thing 1: The ASUS Transformer Prime

Thing 2: State of the Galaxy Nexus

Thing 3: The Carrier IQ saga

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Phil, Cory, Alex and Mickey take on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- which might or might not be available where you live -- the new Amazon Kindle Fire, and Google's new Google Music store. Plus, more of your questions. Listen in!

Thing 1: Galaxy Nexus is finally here! (sort of)

Thing 2: Amazon Kindle Fire is here!

Thing 3: Google Music redux

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Thing 1: Motorola Droid RAZR

Thing 2: Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet

Thing 3: Flash is dead, long live Flash

Odds and ends

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Thing 1: HTC Rezound

Thing 2: Barnes & Noble Tablet specs, pricing leaked

Thing 3: Latest on the Galaxy Nexus and Droid RAZR

Thing 3: In-app advertising

Duke Nukem ditches the ads after initial complaints

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Thing 1: Latest Galaxy Nexus news

Thing 2: An awesome app, and in-app purchasing

Thing 3: Odds and ends

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Thing 1: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Thing 2: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

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CTIA Enterprise & Apps Special Editions

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