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We're back with our first full show after the holiday break. On tap: Google's Ingress game, the Google Play store still sucks at selling things, and your e-mails and voicemails.

Thing 1: The Google Play debacle redux

Thing 2: Jelly Beans, leaks, and updates

Thing 3: Other stuff

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Phil and Jerry sit down with AnandTech's Brian Klug to get to the bottom of the LTE in the Nexus 4 - and whether we should expect it to last.

Required reading: AnandTech's "Nexus 4 Includes Support for LTE on Band 4 (AWS)

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We're taking the week off for a little R&R, some food, football and family here in the U.S. Catch y'all next week. And as always, thanks for being a part of Android Central! - Phil

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Thing 1: The Google Play debacle

Thing 2: The Verizon Droid DNA

Thing 3: Other stuff

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Thing 1: Even more Nexus news

Thing 2: HTC's still around

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It's a special Friday edition with Jerry, Alex and Phil. We've got the Nexus 4 phone. We've got the Nexus 10 tablet. And we've got Android 4.2. And we've got the lowdown on all all of it. Join us!

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