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Thing 1: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Thing 2: State of the Nexus

Thing 3: HTC and Sense 5?

Thing 4: Other stuff

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Phil and Alex are back from CES in Las Vegas and get grilled incessantly by by Jerry about Sony, NVIDIA and bodies buried in the desert. Plus, Carbon for Android may be back, and we get catch up on some excellent voicemails. Welcome to the Android Central Podcast!

Thing 1: CES postmortum

Thing 2: Nexus news

Thing 3: Other things

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That's it, folks. NVIDIA dares you to top it this CES. Having thrown Tegra 4, the NVIDIA Grid and Project Shield our way tonight at the Palms in Las Vegas, we're more than a little excited about the processing power that promises to propel phones in 2013 and beyond. Alliterations aside (whoops), here comes our first podcast of the week, with yours truly, Simon Sage and Alex Dobie breaking down what we saw tonight -- and what it promises for the future.

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Jerry, Alex and Phil catch up from the holiday break, preview what we're expecting from CES next week in Las Vegas, and take a ride on the Ubuntu train. Join us!

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