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We're just about finished here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, so the guys all get together to hash out what we saw, what we didn't see — and what we wish we'd never laid eyes on.

Join us!

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We're in Barcelona, Spain, for Mobile World Congress, where Samsung just announced the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, and the Gear Fit. Join Alex Dobie and Phil Nickinson as they break down this latest round of announcements.

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We're on our way to Barcelona, Spain, today for Mobile World Congress, so no podcast this week. See you from MWC!

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Four of us are headed to Barcelona next week for Mobile World Congress, and we preview what's ahead from one of Europe's biggest mobile tech events! Plus, what's up with Motorola now that its CEO is headed elsewhere, and our Brits finally get their hands on the Moto X.

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We're back with a hodgepodge of Android news from the past week, including an expansion for Chromecast, a red Nexus 5, more of what we expect from Mobile World Congress — plus we answer your questions, live!

Thing 1: Devices, devices everywhere

Thing 2: More things

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