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Andrew is dodging the Blue Angels as they get ready for Seafair in Seattle, and we're podcasting in the Danger Zone anyway, going a day early and without any real preparation. So you know this one's going to be fun! Join us for more on Android Wear, where Motorola's at these days, Android L and the rumored "Shamu" Nexus device, HTC and Windows Phone 8 (yes, really), and loads more of your questions!

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Thing 1: The Amazon Fire Phone

Thing 2: NVIDIA Shield Tablet

Thing 3: Other odds and ends

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So much great stuff this week, we're just going to leave you with a few general links. Click through if you'd like more. Or just listen to us. Which is why you're really here, right?

<h2>The LG G3 hits the U.S., finally</h2>

<ul><li><a href="">Everything on the LG G3</a></li>

<li><a href=">Everything on Android Wear</a></li>

<li><a href=">Hands-on with the HTC One E8</a></li></ul>

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We step a little off the reservation for a few minutes this week, discussing the controversial "right to be forgotten" law that's got Google removing search results — and setting a dangerous precedent in the process. Plus, plenty more on Android Wear and the launch of the LG G3. Join us!

Thing 1: Even more on Android Wear

Thing 2: The LG G3, finally

Thing 3: Chromecast and other Google apps updates

Thing 4: Other odds and ends

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We take up nearly this entire episode with Android Wear. What is it? Why would you want it? What is the smartwatch you have to have? Plus we answer your questions, live on air. Join us for the smartwatch revolution!

Thing 1: Android Wear

Thing 2: Google I/O follow-up

Thing 3: Other stuff

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