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We've got the gang back together for our first proper podcast in a few weeks, so that means it's time to take on all these newfangled "Nexus User Experience" devices. Plus, we've got a white Nexus 4, the Moto X, and more laughs than four Android nerds should be allowed to have in less than an hour. Join us!

Thing 1: The Google Experience

Thing 2: New stuff and more new stuff

Thing 3: Talk Mobile

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We're live from CTIA in Las Vegas. It's been a relatively slow show, but we managed to eke out a little bit of hardware news, Jennifer Lopez launches her own smartphone service (sort of), and we await the appearance of Ashton Kutcher. No, really.

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We're back for the second day of the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, with more of the new services and features for Android that are rapidly changing the game for our fair mobile operating system.

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Jerry and Phil catch up on the first day of news from Google I/O 2013 in San Francisco!

Android and Google Play


Google Maps

Google Music



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Thing 1: The new Android Central app!

Thing 2: Google I/O preview

  • Our prediections.

Thing 3: Hardware and software

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Thing 1: The Galaxy S4

Thing 2: LG Optimus G Pro

Thing 3: Other odds and ends

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