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This week we round up the latest leaks and rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5 and HTC One M10 as we edge closer to Mobile World Congress in Spain. Plus we help Phil's tablet dilemma (or not) and answer more of your questions live on air. 


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On this very special episode of the Android Central Podcast we take a look at what it means to apply themes to your phone — and whether you'd want to do that in the first place. (Hint: Old Man Phil likes it old school.)

Plus, Phil takes a look at a couple newish travel tricks on a recent trip, and we answer your questions live on air. 

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We're joined by Google Developer Expert Mike Wolfson — who's also been working on the Android Central App — to talk about the Ubiquity Dev Summit, Brillo, Weave, the Internet of Things, and what any of that actually means. Plus we postmortem CES and answer more of your questions live. Don't miss it!

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We're coming at you live from beautiful Las Vegas Nevada for CES 2016. And because this is such a big show we're doing a joint podcast with our pals from Windows Central, and there's a little BlackBerry news tossed in for good measure. 

And as this is a live, on the road and very late at night, it's a little rougher than most of our shows. We prefer to call that "flavor," if you will. 

And click here for all our news from CES 2016!

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