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We've published our Samsung Galaxy S4 review, and Alex and Phil are together in New York City to talk about it some more. Join us for a further rundown of the hardware, software and special features of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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We got the band back together for some proper video, a backlog of voicemails, some really good e-mails -- oh, and just the latest and greatest in Android news from the last week. We've got Facebook, the HTC One, more on the Galaxy S4, and every in between. Join us!

Thing 1: New devices and reviews

Thing 2: Software and updates

Thing 3: Random stuff to cool to miss

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We're freshly back from the Facebook Home event in California, so naturally we start things off talking about the HTC One. Oh, sure, there's plenty of talk about Facebook Home and the HTC First and forking and stock this and that, but really you're here to hear us drone on about the same phone we've been talking about for weeks, right? No? Fine. Lots and lots of Facebook phone discussion, too. Join us! (Note: Audio only again this week.)

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