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There's no easy way to say it: This is a two-hour podcast. This is a two-hour podcast live from Barcelona, Spain, rounding up everything you need to know from Mobile World Congress 2016. It's the Samsung Galaxy S7. It's the LG G5. It's Windows 10. It's ... other stuff.

This is a big, fat, hairy podcast, as only we can do, live from La Rambla in Barcelona. 


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The Samsung Galaxy S7 is officially official! We're at Mobile World Congress for the grand unveiling, but Phil and Andrew managed to get an early look at the latest Android smartphone from Samsung. There are two phones, actually, and the boys just couldn't wait to share their thoughts on the new GS7 and GS7 edge. 

We'll have more thoughts on the Galaxy S7 in another podcast later this week from the entire crew in Barcelona.

And be sure to check out our complete coverage of the Galaxy S7 here, as well as all our coverage of Mobile World Congress!

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We're on our way to Mobile World Congress this week for a whole mess 'o news, so we've got a bit of a different podcast for you. The first half is Phil's interview Daniel Bader, formerly of Canadian blogging powerhouse Mobile Syrup — and now a member of the Mobile Nations Team!

Part 2 is Phil, Jerry and Andrew jump right into the latest on the encryption debate now that Apple and the FBI are getting into it.

For everything coming atcha from Mobile World Congress, click here!

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We're expecting Mobile World Congress to be so crazy this year that we're starting our official preview a week early. This week we take a look at the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 leakage, take a look at what LG itself is already putting out about LG G5, and we answer more of your emails and voicemails live on air. (And we're happy to announce that we managed to not cause any divorces last week!)

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When you think of love, relationships and marriage, you think of the Android Central Podcast. No? Fine. But we do our best this week to solve a frustrated listener's issue. (And you can ask your own relationship questions at, of course!) Plus we take on SwiftKey's sale to Microsoft, the major Android Wear update, and answer more non-marital questions live on air!

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