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We're on the cusp of having a couple new Nexus phones, possibly a new Chromecast and maybe even some sort of surprise up Google's sleeve. So let's preview what's coming up at the Sept. 29 event! Plus we weigh in on the Moto X Pure Edition, and we answer a slew of your questions live.

And as a bonus this week we've got our interview with the Nextbit leads, along with Aaron from IDEEAA. It's a must-listen!

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We're back with a super extended podcast — more than 90 minutes! — with some hot new hardware. If you're interested in the new Moto X or the Huawei Watch, we've got you covered. Plus, a preview of our Hauawei Mate S review, and we enlist your help in fixing what ails us about Android. And we answer more of your questions live!

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We're back from Berlin and the IFA conference, just in time for the rollout of Android Pay, the greatest Apple event EVER, and a HUGE backlog of your questions longing to be answered! Can Russell and Phil hold down the fort while everyone else recovers? Only the Shadow knows!


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We're coming at you live from the IFA 2015 conference in Berlin, Germany, where we've got the latest on the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch, the Sony Xperia Z5 family, plus new products from ASUS, Alcatel, Lenovo and more! 

Danke fürs Zuhören!

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