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We survived the Great Google Outage of 2014 and the Great Florida Ice Storm of, erm, also 2014 and have made our triumphant return for the 169th edition of the Android Central Podcast! Good thing, too, because there was that little thing where Google sold Motorola off to Lenovo this week. Plus we chat up some of the more rumoriffic stories of the week, and answer a few your your questions. Join us!

Thing 1: Google sells Motorola to Lenovo, plays nice with Samsung

Thing 2: Rumors we haven't bothered with

  • Google gets Samsung to tone down custom software?
  • Google to wind down the Nexus line after 2014?

Thing 3: Other stuff

Download all the Mobile Nations Android apps!

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What post-CES lull? Google bought Nest and its excellent connected-home products for $3.2 billion. Plus Richard Devine checks in from Europe's Moto X launch. You still probably shouldn't drive with Google Glass, and we answer more of your questions, live!

Thing 1: Google Buys Nest for $3.2 billion

Thing 2: Moto X in Europe, Moto G GPe in the U.S.

Thing 3: Other stuff

The new suite of Mobile Nations Android apps

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We're live from the Las Vegas Convention Center for CESlive and CES 2014, where wearables is the name of the game. Well, that and new Android phones and tablets. And processors. And lots of wearables. And we're bringing it all to you, live from the floor.

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No scripts. No nets. Just three Android nerds, your questions and an hour to kill before we pack up and head to Las Vegas for CES. Enjoy!

And be sure to swing by our CESlive coverage page!

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