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After a few wild weeks on the road we're back with even more new hardware — the Huawei P9, for one, and the new Android Wear MODE bands for another. Plus the Nextbit Robin has received a major update and is better than ever, someone drops an F-bomb, and we see if podcasts on Google Play Music are anything to fuss over.

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You fine folks out there have been sending in your questions for weeks. And we're dedicating this entire podcast to answering them. We talk phones. We talk tablets. And, yes, we dive once more head-first into the world of adult subject and technology. You don't want to miss this one!!!

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The HTC 10 is here! We've been waiting with bated breath for the newest phone from the Taiwanese manufacturer, as it's been some 14 months since the last flagship release. Expectations are high. Excitement has been building. And we've got a whole bunch of thoughts on the HTC 10. Enjoy.


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Phil, Jerry, Andrew and Russell gather 'round the fire to discuss anything and everything LG G5. The good. The not-so-good. And whether you should actually consider buying this phone.

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