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Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, and Jerry Hildenbrand are here with a mix of follow up and piping hot news for your listening pleasure. They discuss the performance on in-display fingerprint sensors and innovations in charging thanks to Gallium nitride. Additionally, Google is adding data encryption to Project Fi. That's great, but what's the catch? Is there a catch?

Our sister site, Thrifter, is sponsoring the show this week — and with Black Friday on the horizon Jared DiPane speaks with Daniel some of the best deals for Android fans.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." – Arthur C. Clarke

This week, Google release an update to their camera app for Pixel phones with a feature called Night Sight. It enables low-light photography in a way that has never been done as effectively before now.

Finally, the crew about the OnePlus Type-C Bullets vs. Google Pixel USB-C earbuds. Which of these low cost headphones are the best choice for you?

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Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, Jerry Hildenbrand, and Hayato Huseman are here with a cornucopia of Android news. First up, they address solutions to some common problems with Pixel 3 that have been vexing early adopters, and its lack of face unlock as a missed opportunity to set an example for OEMs to follow.

Jerry shares his expertise on the USB-C spec, and how the new iPad Pro will drive demand for more, and better quality peripherals from all manufacturers — and benefiting all users in the process.

Hayato reviews the new Palm phone. It's certainly tiny. And as a device running full Android 8, it CAN do more than the minimal amount of tasks it's intended for. But does it actually help someone achieve improved digital wellness?

Lastly, the discussion turns to the announcements from Samsung's developer conference, particularly Samsung's Android 9 Pie interface called 'One UI', and their Infinity Flex Display technology. Whether or not you want one, foldable devices are on the way.

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